Energy Recovery

  • CO2 reduction: 1.520.000 Kg/anno
  • Energy recovery: 3.760 MWh/anno
  • Production increase: +12% (Kg)
    • Ventilation bubble area: Extrusion output +2%
    • Plant water cooling circuit: Production output +10%

With the aim of continuously improving the energy performance, in the 2016 Selene has decided to invest in a trigeneration plant for the simultaneous production of electric energy, thermal energy and cooling energy for the industrial production process. 

The project called SEPTRI, financed under Toscany POR FESR 2014-2020, implies the installation of:

  • one outdoor cogenerator working with methane gas;
  • one absorber matched with a dry-cooler series for the production of refrigerated water;
  • one catalyst for the COemission limitation.

Thank to this project Selene will save electric energy and reduce the CO2 emission in the atmosphere.